Elegant and Easy to Care for Marble Showers

While natural marble slabs are gorgeous, they are difficult to match in color and pattern into a project of any size, fortunately for the home owner he more cost effective alternative engineered marble (also referred to as cultured marble) has the beauty of naturally occurring marble that possessed  superior strength, consistent patterns and. What this means is the smooth glow of natural marble can be engineered and controlled as with Verona marble shower floors and surrounds.

Natural marble is created of limestone, which is swirled with glittering quartz specks and can be polished to a gorgeous shine. However color and pattern in natural marble is inconsistent which has made its use in larger projects both costly and a challenge to match colors and textures.

Advances in technology have made installing granite countertops engineered marble a choice which lacks the porosity of naturally formed marble and which is consistent in patterns and colors and usually stronger than naturally occurring marble and yet is the equal in beauty and elegance.

What this means to the homeowner is that marble can be installed as shower surfaces and overcome the limitations formerly associated with this beautiful stone. Due to the porosity of naturally occurring marble stone, cleaning and polishing were close to nightmarish, water left on its surface could penetrate and minerals begin to etch that carefully crafted stone.

In the past marble showers were pretty showpieces, which were not intended for use. Times have changed and engineered marble has brought this formerly delicate stone into many homes and bathrooms. The cost of marble alone made it a very unpopular choice for the homeowner with less than unlimited funds however; engineered marble has brought that problem into line.