eCards – More than Just Greeting Cards

As the World Wide Web changes how our culture acts and interacts, online greeting cards have undergone rapid transition as well. eCards are the new way to show someone you care without breaking bank or looking overly sappy to that special someone you’ve dated for a grand total of two months. Plus, who doesn’t like getting email?

Some of the best eCards online offer amazing trb system perks like personalized voice messages played in the eCard, gifts to match a recipient’s personality and even free selections. Yes, free. Although many online greeting card services’ free card collections are limited, if you want to send an eCard right on the spot without whipping out your credit card, there are options for you.

OK, so even if the Fourth of July and Labor Day don’t ignite the same sentiment in you that Christmas or Hanukah do, everyone likes finding a fun, customized eCard in their long list of junk emails. American Greetings, one popular eCard service, reported nearly 3 million subscribers holding annual, unlimited accounts last year, a staggering, yet unsurprising number. cites American Greetings as a top competitor in eCard services in their online card reviews. American Greetings has a track record of offering a pervasive selection of online greeting cards, as well as helpful functions like personalized calendars. Sending a friend or loved one an eCard is the Internet-age’s way of demonstrating your gratitude and thoughtfulness.