Why Software Cybersecurity and Quality Assurance Go Together

Digital data is the new gold,Guest Posting and hackers will stop at nothing to get yours. In a study by cybersecurity experts at Maryland University, researchers found that cyber-attacks happen once every 39 seconds. As one of the first organizations to quantify cyber-attacks, Maryland University also says that these attacks can affect one out of every three U.S. citizens.

Furthermore, the number of connected devices today is estimated at around 200 billion. Combined with the fact that 77% of organizations have no cybersecurity response plans in place, America’s application security is far from being an adequate response to the rapid-fire threat posed by hackers. These frightening statistics underscore why the fields of cybersecurity and quality assurance (QA) need to integrate their key processes.


Both QA and cybersecurity are about risk management

In the development lifecycle, QA teams https://mobilieiron.com/ are all about filling in the gaps in order to minimize risks to the quality of the end product or user experience. Meanwhile, cybersecurity processes such as Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) are all about identifying security-related risks. From authorization concerns to data vulnerabilities, MAST is about analyzing all the potential risk that comes with every possible action on that app.

In turn, this type of testing makes the job of QA teams easier down the line. With fewer security risks comes less risk to the overall quality of the software as well. And the better the quality, the easier it becomes to spot any cybersecurity risks. Because of how security testing and cybersecurity intersect in terms of risk management, coordinating with one another can significantly lighten the workload of both parties.


Security testing is ‘shifting to the left’

This simply means that cybersecurity or application security training is now being integrated within software developers’ daily responsibilities. Rather than being a discrete step in the development lifecycle, this leftward-shift means that cybersecurity is becoming part and parcel of the QA testing process. In their task to build the test infrastructure, today’s software developers, data scientists, and QA testers are expected to have a solid grasp of security.…

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Texas Hold’em Poker

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on mastering Texas Hold’em poker. If you’re looking to elevate your poker skills and dominate the game, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into every aspect of Texas Hold’em, from the basics to advanced strategies, providing you with the knowledge and expertise to outperform your opponents and enhance your chances of winning big.

Understanding Texas Hold’em Poker
1. The Basics of Texas Hold’em
Texas Hold’em is a popular variant of poker played with a standard 52-card deck. Each player is dealt two private cards, known as “hole cards,” and five community cards are dealt face up on the table. The objective is to form the best possible hand using a combination of hole cards and community cards.

2. Hand Rankings
Before diving into strategies, let’s review 홀덤사이트 the hand rankings in Texas Hold’em, starting from the highest:

Royal Flush: A, K, Q, J, 10, all of the same suit.
Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards of the same suit.
Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank.
Full House: Three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank.
Flush: Five cards of the same suit, not in sequence.
Straight: Five consecutive cards of different suits.
Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same rank.
Two Pair: Two cards of one rank and two cards of another rank.
One Pair: Two cards of the same rank.
High Card: The highest card in the hand if no other combination is made.
3. Pre-Flop Strategy
The first betting round occurs before the community cards are dealt. Developing a solid pre-flop strategy is essential for success in Texas Hold’em. Factors to consider include position, table dynamics, and your starting hand strength. Analyzing these aspects will help you make informed decisions and gain an edge over your opponents.

Mastering Texas Hold’em Strategies
4. Post-Flop Play
The flop is a critical moment in Texas Hold’em as three community cards are revealed. Evaluating the strength of your hand at this stage and predicting your opponents’ likely hands is crucial. Proper post-flop play involves calculating odds, understanding pot odds, and making strategic bets to maximize your chances of winning.

5. Reading Your Opponents…

Russian Martial Arts: Unveiling the Secrets of Combat Mastery


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Russian martial arts, where we delve into the rich and powerful traditions of combat training that have originated from this formidable nation. Russian martial arts encompass a diverse range of disciplines, each with its unique philosophy and techniques. In this article, we will explore the essence of Russian martial arts and provide valuable insights to help you outrank other websites on Google searches.

The History of Russian Martial Arts

A Legacy of Warriors

Russian martial arts draw their roots Russian martial arts from the historical context of a nation known for its warriors and legendary fighters. From ancient times to the modern era, Russian martial arts have evolved, incorporating elements from various cultures and armed conflicts, shaping a system that is as effective in self-defense as it is in combat sports.

Traditional Styles and Modern Adaptations

Over the centuries, Russia has cultivated several distinct martial arts styles. Among the traditional styles, “Systema” stands out as a combat art developed for the Russian military. It emphasizes fluidity, adaptability, and efficiency in combat situations. Additionally, “Sambo,” a combination of judo and wrestling, has gained international recognition for its practicality and effectiveness.

In recent times, Russian martial arts have evolved to cater to the needs of modern self-defense, martial sports, and military training. These adaptations have allowed Russian martial arts to thrive and spread across the globe.

Key Principles of Russian Martial Arts

Fluidity and Adaptability

One of the fundamental principles of Russian martial arts is fluidity in movement and adaptability in combat. Practitioners are taught to flow seamlessly between techniques and adjust their strategies according to the changing dynamics of a fight.

Harnessing Inner Strength – “Sila”

“Sila,” a concept in Russian martial arts, refers to harnessing inner strength and energy to overcome opponents. It involves the proper alignment of body mechanics, breath control, and mental focus, leading to increased power and efficiency in techniques.

The Art of Control – “Kontrol”

Russian martial arts prioritize control over brute force. Practitioners learn to control their own bodies and manipulate their opponents’ movements, redirecting and neutralizing attacks with minimal effort.

Training in Russian Martial Arts

Conditioning the Body

Russian martial arts place significant importance on physical conditioning. Training often includes strength exercises, bodyweight workouts, and flexibility drills to develop a well-rounded and resilient martial artist.

Emphasis on Sparring and Realistic Training

To apply techniques effectively, sparring and realistic training scenarios are integral components of Russian martial arts. Regular practice in controlled combat situations helps practitioners build confidence and hone their skills for practical use.

Weapon Training

Many Russian martial arts systems incorporate weapon training, including traditional weapons like the staff, knife, and sword. Weapon proficiency adds another layer of complexity and versatility to a practitioner’s skill set.

The Philosophy of Russian Martial Arts

Cultivating the Warrior Spirit

Beyond physical prowess, Russian martial arts emphasize cultivating the warrior spirit within each practitioner. This involves instilling qualities of courage, honor, and discipline, leading to not only improved combat abilities but also personal growth and self-mastery.

A Path to Self-Defense and Confidence

Russian martial arts empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to defend themselves in dangerous situations. As practitioners gain proficiency, they develop a sense of self-assurance that extends beyond physical confrontations, positively impacting all areas of their lives.


Russian martial arts stand as a testament to the indomitable spirit of a nation with a rich history of warriors and fighters. The principles of fluidity, harnessing inner strength, and the art of control make Russian martial arts a powerful system for self-defense and personal development.

As you embark on your journey into the world of Russian martial arts, remember to embrace the essence of these time-honored traditions. Develop your physical and mental prowess, nurture the warrior spirit within, and unlock the secrets of combat mastery that Russian martial arts have to offer.…

Landscaping: Coming up with your own landscaping idea

It is too difficult to continuously concocted your own finishing thought. In fact,Guest Posting a great many people will require a little assistance with their finishing, it is great that it is not difficult to track down an arranging thought to utilize. There are a couple of spots that you can get some phenomenal finishing thoughts and presumably the best spot is the web. You will find many destinations on the web that will all have an incredible finishing thought or two for you to take and make your own.

You really should place a ton of however https://www.smile-garden1128.com/ and thought into the finishing of your yard toward the front and toward the back so finding the ideal arranging thought is vital for your prosperity. You ought to begin by going for a stroll around your property to get a fair of what should be possible. Perceive how the waste is and look at the inclines and levels of your property. This way you will actually want to tell which arranging thought is ideal for you without skipping a beat. The more you notice the simpler things will be. It would be horrible to pick a finishing thought and afterward start work just to find that it can’t be finished partially through because of some part of your property.

To this end you want to figure out all that you can about each finishing thought that you are mulling over utilizing. Furthermore, before you pick the last finishing thought that you will utilize require some investment to become familiar with the rudiments of arranging. This is basic on the off chance that you have never accomplished any work like this. On the off chance that you re new to the entire universe of finishing, you should accept out a book or two from the library.

This way you don’t need to pay for themselves and you will in any case get all that they bring to the table. There is a ton of be acquired from perusing some great finishing books, you could try and track down a finishing thought in them. If you realize that you need to change the finishing in your front yard and your back yard then you really want to utilize a finishing thought that will consolidate both of these. Your front and terraces ought to stream together, this will give you the most ideal plan so take a gander at a finishing thought that will give you this sort of congruity and you will have a superior yard for it.…

Careers With Video Games

A profession with computer games is accessible wherever in this present reality from cell phones, web to home control center. It is presently perhaps of the most productive industry in any event, assuming control over the billion dollar film industry. Organizations burn through millions to contend to make the most ideal games, and need individuals like you to test new and unreleased items for a genuine fair survey of the game. This assists designers with bettering foster the games. Furthermore, a superior game will have better deals.

With our assist we with canning associate you to every one of the significant organizations to have moment admittance to:

• Work at home game analyzer occupations
• Area based analyzer occupations and timetables
• Online overviews and paid audits
• Different gaming position

Professions with computer games expect you to embrace a profoundly deliberate methodology which requires a ton of persistence and an unshakable hard working attitude. Game analyzers need to have a sharp eye for botches and can’t stand to relax all of a sudden. Once more, analyzers ought to likewise have sound information on PC equipment as well as programming to analyze and detect messes up rapidly and effectively.

The gaming business is an extravagant ทดลองเล่นบาคาร่า one and improvement of these games can take anything from months to years. From the underlying idea of the game and the story to game play and last testing, the business requires a considerable amount of examination as well as testing. While code journalists, illustrators, idea architects and so on all assume a vital part in forming the game, the administrations of a computer game analyzer are important on the grounds that he/she is the person who judges and surveys the game completely.

You should have great reflexes as well as great dexterity, a decent comprehension of control center, controls and so forth and should have the option to rapidly adjust to changes in game play. As such, professions with computer games require the person to be an enthusiastic gamer. Be that as it may, these abilities can be gotten en route also. However long you are devoted to the gig and a quick student, these perspectives can be covered rather rapidly.

There is definitely no question about the way that a vocation with computer games are getting substantially more remarkable, intricate and quicker requiring various individuals to test these games for ideal working. As a matter of fact, the necessity for a vocation with computer games has made an enormous number of computer game analyzer occupations in the business. A vocation with computer games is performed at different stages which might incorporate improvement as…

Generic Viagra — Sex Is Important

Regardless of regardless of whether you concur sex is significant. If genuinely, sincerely and mentally there is a fall in execution, it is certainly a reason for stress. Weakness is a condition where men can’t create and support an erection to have the option to take part in sex. This potential executioner is a catastrophe for the male self image. It influences connections and causes difficult issues in private life.

In any case, why talking about 인도 비아그라 this when there is a path of least resistance. Viagra, the name is very famous among men who would rather not land up in such circumstances. Viagra doesn’t straightforwardly cause penis erection, yet influences the reaction to sexual excitement. The medication improves smooth muscle unwinding and this smooth muscle unwinding permits expanded blood stream into specific region of the penis, prompting an erection. Viagra works in as fast as 30 minutes and goes on for around four hours.

So do you likewise need to purchase Viagra? You have taken the ideal choice. Yet, in the event that you feel that Viagra is costly, you might go for nonexclusive Viagra. It is the nearest thing you will find to the name brand, and it is very reasonable.

Numerous different organizations have additionally presented items that are comparative in nature to Viagra however are less exorbitant. These incorporate Kamagra, Penegra, Silagra, Caverta, and Uprima. With the exception of Uprima, this multitude of names involve a similar clinical salt.

The progress of Viagra has given an option in contrast to quite a large number. Caverta, an Indian response to Viagra, from Indian drug brand Ranbaxy, contends best with Penegra from Cadila.

Try not to lose trust and purchase nonexclusive Viagra now from the internet based drug store rapidly.…

The Different Types of 3M Adhesive Tapes

With regards to tapes and cements that can be utilized today there are many organizations who give such items however it is 3M which are the most notable. The sorts of 3M tapes and cements you can buy you will actually want to use in various ways. Nonetheless, as well as being appropriate for home use there are numerous enterprises that depend on these items too.

So what sorts of tapes and cements is it that you can buy under the 3M brand today?

1. Scotch Weld Underlying Cements – This one has exceptionally durable properties and will effectively bond various materials together. This glue is major double sided tape areas of strength for so might as a matter of fact actually be utilized in certain occasions to supplant mechanical latches, but generally speaking it will be utilized in different enterprises to bond elastic, clay, wood, glass, composites, metals and designing grade plastics to one another.

2. Non Underlying Cement – Again this has areas of strength for extremely properties however is all the more generally utilized in the home. Most property holders find this cement affecting to uniting materials, for example, glass, metal, plastic, wood, elastic and textures like calfskin.

3. Surface Security Tape – Alongside being utilized to safeguard things this tape can be utilized to cover, alter or upgrade a thing and which thus works on its appearance and usefulness. Frequently this sort of tape is utilized for restricting lines to one another or for hanging poly material curtains.

4. Twofold Sided Tapes – The glue on these tapes is pressure delicate and covers the two sides of it as the name suggests permitting different things to be attached to one another. This material works so that it tends to be utilized for all time fixing a thing set up or to help deciding the best situation for clinging to one more item before a more long-lasting arrangement is utilized. Much of the time this kind of 3M tape is utilized for holding metals and paper together.

5. Single Sided Tape – Of the multitude of tapes and cements created by 3M this is the most effectively conspicuous and is the one that is sold the most all over the planet. Like every one of the 3M items accessible today this has serious areas of strength for extremely characteristics and it is consequently why individuals buy it more than some other one available today.

6. Bundling Tape – The principal point of this specific item from 3M is to guarantee that merchandise while being moved are all around secured. This again has areas of strength for exceptionally properties and can be utilized for getting bundles, everything being equal.

Above we have investigated the sorts of 3M tapes and cements…

Shapewear – The Greatest Invention For Women (Ever)

The shapewear upheaval is here – and ladies from one side of the planet to the other are singing the gestures of recognition of this phenomenal development in design innovation. On the off chance that you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere (a stone situated no less than twenty miles from the closest uber shopping center), shapewear is an underwear that helps shape a lady’s body in the most complimenting way. The material thins down “pain points” and helps put a lady’ bends back where they should be. In the event that you like, you can imagine shapewear as a substantially more agreeable form of the outdated undergarment – however can be placed on without the help of two steadfast housemaids.

The Advantages of Purchasing Shapewear

There are various exceptionally viable advantages to purchasing and wearing present day shapewear, including:

– Disposes of the “swell” brought about by bras and bra lashes

– Eliminates unattractive underwear lines while wearing more tight jeans

– Levels out the stomach region

– Thins down the waistline region

– Thins down the thighs and upper legs

Obviously, the vital advantage of shapewear is the way it causes a lady to feel. Ladies who wear shapewear feel more certain and good about their appearance. This incredible demeanor can eminently affect work, family or pretty much some other part of life.

How agreeable is Shapewear?

The beyond quite a long while have seen significant advances in shapewear plan and innovation. Presently, a lady can slip into her shapewear effortlessly, and when she becomes accustomed to the fit, will scarcely try and know that it’s there. Pressure undies hose are a genuine illustration of how far shapewear wearability has come as of late. When considered a penance to wear, present day pressure m&s shapewear underwear hose are substantially more agreeable and simpler to wear than at any other time. Pressure hose can really be great for your wellbeing – advancing superior dissemination and better blood stream.

Who ought to think about Purchasing Shapewear?

Shapewear is made for any ladies of all ages who needs to look and feel her best. Specifically, shapewear has become exceptionally famous with ladies who have as of late had a child – and acquired 10 extra pounds that have never conveyed. Shapewear is likewise a down to earth answer for any lady who has struggled with specific pieces of her body as long as she can remember, yet doesn’t wish to have all out plastic medical procedure to address what is happening.

Various sorts of Shapewear

Some shapewear is really demonstrated after the antiquated undergarment. These one-piece articles of clothing are worn underneath a lady’s garments and level her stomach while likewise lifting her bosoms. The impact is one of a more controlled, breathtaking figure that time or labor might have modified.

The Eventual fate of Shapewear…

What Precious Metals Can I Place In My Gold IRA?

You have been following the markets for quite some time. You’re thinking about retirement planning, but at the same time wondering what investment is best for protecting your future. After doing some research you decide to go with a physical precious metals investment by executing a 401K rollover into a gold IRA. Now you must decide which precious metals are right for your gold IRA portfolio and determine whether or not they are permitted. A Gold IRA can also be referred to as a Self Directed IRA, Gold 401K, and a Roth IRA.

Prior to 1997, rules and regulations permitted only American Gold and Silver Eagles to be placed within a Gold IRA. However, the passage of the Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997 made it possible to diversify a gold 401k amongst many different precious metals. Current regulations now permit the placement of gold bullion coins and bars, silver bullion coins and bars, as well as platinum and palladium in Gold IRA portfolios.

One very popular IRA gold investment is the American Eagle Gold bullion coin. This particular coin was first introduced to America in 1986 to compete with the Canadian Maple Leaf, another gold bullion coin that is permissible in a gold 401K. The Austrian Philharmonic, American Buffalo, and Australian Kangaroo gold coins are also permissible investments.

Restricted IRA gold investments include https://us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/gold-ira-options/gold-ira-options.html the Krugerrand, Mexican 50 Peso gold bullion coin, as well as rare coins such as the liberty head, Saint Gaudens, Swiss Franc, and British Sovereign to name but a few.
Having outperformed all other precious metals investments in 2010, silver investing is more popular than ever. American Eagle Silver Bullion coins, the Australian Kookaburra, Austrian Vienna Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Mexican Libertad silver bullion coin are all permissible in a Self Directed IRA.

Silver bars and privately minted silver rounds that are produced by manufacturers accredited by the NYSE or Comex are also permissible investments.

Finally we have platinum and Palladium. Permissible Platinum investments include the American Eagle platinum coin, the Australian Koala, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Isle of Man Noble platinum coin. Palladium investments include those bars and coins that are produced by a national mint.

The Self Directed IRA or Gold IRA is a powerful tool for diversifying your investment portfolio and protecting your future. It can be setup with ease as long as your current 401K meets certain requirements.

How to Know If Men’s Slim Fit Dress Shirts Are For You

Europeans have always led the fashion scene, and from outrageous fashions to what is truly formal in style and fit, they often set the style. Men’s slim fit dress shirts are very popular in Europe, and designed to follow the body’s contours and are often ideal for the athletically built man. On the other hand, a more robustly built man may find that the slim fit does not accentuate their best features and may be more comfortable in a loose or regular fit dress shirt.

When some men order custom-made shirts they tend to take an inch off here or there in order to achieve a “slim fit” but that is not how it should be done to achieve the best results. Instead exact measurements should be given to the tailoring company and then slim fit options chosen which will result in a shirt that follows the body’s contours and doesn’t billow out at the waist but also doesn’t look as if the man is threatening to burst through the shirt’s buttons either.

A well chosen dress shirt can accentuate a man’s best features and should not overwhelm the overall effect by being too tight, or billowing out at the back due to pleating or being too loose and swallowing the man either. A very slender framed man ordering a custom dress shirt may want to avoid styles that feature pleats at the back as these are designed to allow for extra room and sometimes create a rumpled or baggy look in the back that defeats the purpose of a custom dress shirt.

Robustly built men may want to choose a regular 수원셔츠룸 or loose fit shirt to ensure a little extra room. Again, it is important that exact measurements be given the tailoring company and then the fit applied because an inch or two is added to loose and regular fit shirts to ensure the man has a little more room and comfort in their dress shirt. Shirts with too much extra room may end up making an otherwise well dressed man look like he is much larger than he is and tend to look rumpled if they billow out in the wrong spots.

In almost every case, ordering men’s slim fit dress shirts will be easiest and the results most satisfactory when the purchaser inputs their exact measurements and then applies the slim, regular or loose fit because custom shirts are made to fit them, unlike off the rack choices. Slim fit is best for the man with the slender or athletic build but some larger men may choose this option if they feel it fits their style or comfort better.

Whether a man is ordering his own dress shirts, or a loved one has decided to give them this ultimate personalized gift, the option exists with good custom shirt companies, to take a well fitted shirt and either take measurements from it, or to send it in and avoid having to measure at all. This makes the process of getting a uniquely fitted exquisitely styled custom shirt easier than ever. Online ordering has made getting men’s slim fit dress shirts easier and more affordable than ever before.